The Game of Employees

***Warning Game of Thrones spoilers***

Yes I’ve created a blog post about HR and Game of Thrones. Yes, it’s awesome, keep reading!

Ok let’s get down to it, I LOVE Game of Thrones. It took me a while to get into, I actually didn’t start watching it until like March of this year, I binged all seasons. This season has been … just … words can’t explain! While watching this past episode, I couldn’t help but think about how Game of Thrones has some great HR lessons. Actually, it’s more of a lesson for all executives, not just the HR department.

Image result for cersei memeQueen Cersei – **personal note, I want her to go DOWN* Cersei is very strategic in her thinking, she’s grown in this position, she took what she needed, and destroys anyone who gets in her way. Cersei is the type of employee that could cause multiple problems in the workplace. When your employee only thinks of his or her self, are they really a team player? People have to look out for themselves, but when it gets to a point of destroying others, they no longer have a place in a team culture. We need to identify these people and help them evolve, or find a way out of the company.

Jamie – **personal note, he can burn too** Jamie is being pulled in few different directions, I’ve realized that Jamie is more of a follower than I think most people can see. Before losing his hand, Jamie knew he was the baddest around and no one could stop him, except Ceresi (eye-roll). Now Jamie is out to prove that he still has what it takes, however, he can’t help but have a soft spot his brother. It’s important that we uplift our team members, explore their leadership skills. Offering leadership classes, supervision roles, giving them the lead on a project, these are the type of activities companies can put in place to help their employees become leaders.

Image result for jon snow memeJon Snow – ** As my twitter account states, if Jon dies, tables will be flipped HBO!!!** Jon doesn’t listen to others, he does what he believes is best for his team. This can be good and bad. He’s not as bad as Ceresi, by any means. I like to look at Jon as the employee that encourages the other leaders of the team to believe in their crew and give them a chance. Jon gave Dragon girl some great advice when she was trying to decide if she should ride out or not. But he also reminded her that HE is King and doesn’t need her permission *BOOM* Jon is the employee you can let lead, but giving them too much power could have bad consequences.

Daenerys – **I wanted her to win and sit on the throne, but now I’m leaning more towards Jon** Dragon girl is a little too much for her own good. She’s the employee that lets her recognition lead her. She wants to make sure you know who she is and what she brings to the table. Daenery’s first of her name blah blah blah … For me, I look at dragon girl as the know it all, who blames others when things go bad. This is the employee that will destroy a team and then cry to HR about how no one likes him/her, and never admits the wrong they’ve done.

Understanding your employees helps create the perfect team, but it’s even better when the employee understands what type of team player they are. Do you have these type of employees on your team? What are a few ways HR can help with team building skills to encourage leaders and team members to always bring their best?

More importantly, who do you think will sit on the Iron Throne??

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HRNewbies – Networking Like A Pro

Image result for networking online memeAaah Networking, don’t you get a chill of joy through your body when you hear the word? No, no I don’t. I love networking online but actually going to networking events kind of give me the scares. However, I have learned a few networking tips that I believe are important for HRNewbies, and maybe some of the Pros.

Networking Online:

Using social media to network is one of the best decisions I’ve made in my career. I never thought it would inspire me to meet people or even start blogging, but here I am. As an HRNewbie, you may have not found your company yet, so being out on the platforms allows companies and other HRPros to see you, as well as in return, you get to see how they use social media. Some important pieces of advice I can offer is to:

  • Make sure you’re active on your sites: If you don’t have a lot of time, don’t have platforms on all social media services, find the best one and use it frequently. I got a LinkedIn account and didn’t really use it for at least a year, but joined Twitter and use it everyday.
  • Have conversations: I get upset when someone posts the same thing all the time, “Looking for HR work, hire me”. This does not attract employers, bring more to your social media accounts. You don’t have to post your resume bullet point by bullet point down the timeline everyday, but instead, read blogs/articles, give your opinion, tell how you handled a similar situation.
  • Join Chats: There are plenty of HR chats to join, SHRMNextchat, HRHour, WorkTrends, HRSocialHour, JobHuntChat, and CultureChat. Follow the pros that created the chats and follow the pros that are active when the chats happen. Just type the name into the search engine and catch up, they happen weekly, daily, or monthly.

Image result for networking online meme

Networking In Person:

Don’t say hi and run away, I had to learn this the hard way. Try to have meaningful conversations with people who are at the event. Slowly work your way around the room, saying hi, giving a business card, and moving on to the next person is rude, and that Pro has learned nothing about you, your business card is going in the next trash can they see. Muster up that courage, you can’t just wait for people to come to you. Try attending some small networking events, local chapter meetings, lunch and learns. Even networking in your office can help you with having small talk conversations with others.

Image result for networking online memeNetworking isn’t fun for everyone, but the lessons and people you meet are well worth the effort. Just remember to have conversations with people, don’t expect for your business cards, resumes, and cover letters to be the only winning factors for your career. Go out, make those social media accounts, and meet Pros that can help and give more tips on networking.

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Convo’s, Meetings, Ugh

I love Twitter, if you’re in HR or trying to break into the field, creating a Twitter account has to be on one of those “The Best Advice” list. My HRTribe has been sending out questions, concerns, information, and general knowledge and I’m always looking forward to hearing everyone’s opinions/suggestions for help. This week has been no different, really great conversations that have me thinking, so of course, here’s another blog post …

Conversations in the workplace happen every day unless you’re in that corner office that Related imageno one dares to come to, but how many of your workplace conversations are productive? HR has an open door policy, I sometimes joke that I should get one of those revolving doors to make it easier on everyone.  All conversations aren’t healthy in the workplace and sometimes it boils down to the extrovert/introvert talk.

Some people were born talkers, they want to have a conversation about everything under the sun. But did you know that you’re not needed in every conversation? I had to tell a coworker this once before, sometimes employees will feel entitled to find out information because they are friendly with the HR crew. They think that working in a small company gives them certain privileges to information … it doesn’t.

Now, this isn’t to say that having unproductive conversations, asking people about what’s going on in their life isn’t important, but how much of it is becoming a distraction from getting work done? #Nextchat this week was awesome, another great twitter chat HR Pros should join (@SHRMnextchat) every Wednesday. The topic was about being distracted by technology, but it made me wonder, is technology really the leading cause for distractions?

Communication in the workplace comes in all different forms, but being in the same office with someone makes it very easy to go and knock on their door or just come in and start talking. How do you tell someone that this conversation is cutting into your work time? I watched ‘The Office’ over the past month and the number of meetings they had every day was crazy, they couldn’t sell anything because they were always in another meeting that wasn’t productive or was just a party. How much of our employees time are we wasting? Meetings can be important, but sometimes a full meeting isn’t needed to correct the action of a limited amount of people.

Image result for another meeting meme

HR should be getting out and talking to the employees, finding out what’s happening, if they need help, if there is something causing them stress. These things don’t have to work related, but they could be affecting the work of the employee. HR Newbies, getting out of your office is one of the best lessons you’re going to learn coming into HR. Employees tend to be more afraid of the “HR Office” because of what it represents, go to the employees’ turf to make them feel more comfortable.

I challenge you all to sit down and think if that next conversation or meeting you’re about to call is important. Could you use that time for one on one training with a department, could you check on that employee that called out twice this week, could the team use this time to actually work on a project they may be behind on? Conversations are important, yes, but how many of them are necessary?

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It’s #FF lets find some great HR Pros to follow and have some produtive conversations 🙂


Newbies In Leadership – How to Rock Your Position

HR Pros, I’m sure you can remember the first time your boss gave you ‘that assignment’ to see how you would hold up on your own.

Image result for leadership meme

By definition, Leadership means – the action of leading a group of people, or an organization. I got it from Google, so I know it’s true. As an HRNewbie, there will be several task and decisions thrown your way, so here are a few ways you can rock your role as a leader.

  1. Lead, don’t boss – Some people believe these two words are the exact same and this isn’t true. To lead a team you must be able and willing to listen, discuss, be critiqued, and show action like the rest of your team. To boss, you’re simply telling people what to do. Show your team member how you want the job done, work beside them, give them feedback. Not only will your superior notice, your team members will feel better about their jobs.
  2. Pay Attention – I honestly believe HR has so much paperwork, because we read the same document multiple times to make sure we are getting the best understanding, or maybe it’s just me. Pay attention to the details, pay attention to your team needs.
  3. Be Transparent – Employees provide your customers with service, remember that as a new leader, they will follow your lead.
  4. Show Them – This goes with being transparent, show your team exactly what you are expecting from them, remember all forms of communication.
  5. Have Fun – HR has enough serious moments in the career, take the time to enjoy and appreciate your team members and yourself. Remember that everyone is not the same and get to know your employees for who they are organically.

Image result for leadership memeFor my managers, I like to go into the store and watch how they are managing the store during rush. There are some managers that can stand in one position and lead the team on where each person needs to be and what they need to be doing. This, to me, is leadership. The manager is showing authority and allowing the team members to pull their own weight, but he/she is not sitting in the office expecting them to figure it all out. Then you have the managers who are working and not in a good way. These managers are doing all of the work, bouncing from station to station while the team members kind of stare at them. These are the team members that need more training and given then opportunity to show their manager what they can actually do. Your team member will get far more from their position and give you more if they are able to effectively complete their job.

Always remember, leadership isn’t just a fancy word you get to attach to your resume, kind of like “culture” shouldn’t be attached to every company, just for the sake of fitting in. Leadership is an action that you must put work into in order to be successful. 

HRTribe, how do you define leadership?

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#FF – Just Keep Swimming.

Have you ever had one of those days when you’re never not busy? Everyone has a need or want that must be met asap? The day is getting shorter, but your to-do list is getting longer? Ha, who am I kidding, we’re HR Pros, that’s every day.

I’ve had one of those days this entire week.

I knew HR was for me once I was exposed to the profession a few years ago at my previous job. As an assistant manager, I was dealing with an employee/manager situation that I had to report to the HR department. Now that company headquarters was in a different state, so we did everything by phone. If the HR department came to the store, we knew someone would be fired immediately and it had to be a heavy offense for them to come instead of just having our District Manager fire the employee.

We were having a conversation and the way HR lady was very attentive to every part of the problem, the concern she had for the employee in the situation, I decided I wanted to learn more about her job. I had already been in college for about 3 years at this point, majoring in general business with no idea what I really wanted to do, but this one conversation changed my life.

Do you remember when you decided HR was where you belong? Some people were forced into the position, and nothing is wrong with that, but there some #HR pros that really knew HR was for them, even when it wasn’t actually called Human Resources. Whenever I’m having a day like today, I tend to think about that conversation. I think about my team members that I’ve helped, the better work environment created, the HR newbies that I tend to sometimes help try and get their foot in the door … I keep swimming.

HR isn’t always easy, we get blamed for a lot of the bad, we have difficult decisions to make every day, and personally, for me this week has been a whirlwind, but I’ve enjoyed every minute. I’m doing what I love.

I’ve had a rough week, fallen behind on blog post, haven’t gotten a lot of sleep, made an over night trip out of state, lost paperwork, personally it’s been emotionally and physically draining. My mood hasn’t been this low in a very long time. As HR pros there is a lot we are responsible for everyday, and the first responsibility is to ourselves. So I wrote all of that just to say, today is #FF on Twitter, make sure you take the day to check-in with your #HRTribe, connect with people, go out and do something fun for yourself, spend time with your family, do things that help you get the stress of others off your back, enjoy life. This Friday, I’m changing my mood and looking forward to the weekend!

Image result for just keep swimming gif

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Recruiting Like A Pro – Part 2! HR Jobs Series

Thank you for all of your responses to Recruiting Like A Pro – HR Jobs! This week, we will finish out the the recruitment job and we’re adding another HR Pro into the mix! Along with, Cecilia Clark aka Cici the Vet Recruiter (@CeciliaClark923), Wendy Dailey (@Wyndall93), Keith Enochs (@KeithCEnochs), Kelly Marinelli (@KellyinBoulder), Talent Economist  (@Mofota), and Gemma Toth (@Gem4ever), we also have:

Melanie Gaylord (@Melanie_Gaylord) – Blog  – be sure to check out her Twitter and Blog!

Last week I asked the Pros what Recruitment means to them and how did they get into recruiting. This week, I think it’s important to let the Newbies understand what could happen in the day of a Recruiting Pro. I say could because as we all know in HR, anything can happen and change your schedule.

Image result for changing schedules meme

Keith is currently in charge of both an HR team and Training team of 9 that focus on senior leadership recruitment. He makes the point that there isn’t a big turnover (lucky him!) in that area for their company, so he will occasionally go back to the retail level of recruitment. In HR there is always something to learn, but going back to the basics and keeping the skills that you already know intact and sharp, is very important. We can’t forget what we knew just to learn a new skill. HR has a lot of areas, as you will find out in this series.

I’m constantly researching webinars, local chapter sessions, anything that will help me learn the new, but also remember the old.

Wendy currently works for a university and is in charge of the facilities & service department. Her range of recruitment is wide, “We recruit for positions including engineer, project manager, skilled trades (HVAC, electric, plumbing) and unskilled trades (custodial, mail, inventory) jobs”. Wendy is able to focus on writing job descriptions, ensuring market & internal equity, with the department heads, and leave the day to day work with her assistant. Being able to divide and concur with a trusted employee is often the make or break for some HR departments. My boss and I have the same setup, and she also allows me to be apart of her everyday work to help me learn more about the field.

Image result for recruitment memes

Cici works for about 145 different companies that are seeking veterans. She can be found doing a lot of different things like coaching job seekers to help them land the perfect position. Reviewing job descriptions, creating an ideal profile in her head and going out to find the perfect person. As a recruiter it’s important to trust your instinct on a candidate and help them achieve their goal, as well as meeting company needs. Veterans have many skills they learned in the Military that can be transferred to office skill sets and leadership. Always remember, just because someone hasn’t been wearing a suit and clocking in and out for the past 5 years of their life, it does not mean they don’t have the skill and ability to lead!

Image result for toby gifMelanie gave a great response for a questions from last week. “Recruitment can be a burn out job. It requires constant communication via both phone and email.” In any area of HR you are going to need to put yourself out in the open. We can’t all be Toby’s, letting people get away with anything, because the manager doesn’t like us. According to most business leaders, no one likes HR, but in reality, HR ROCKS!

We aren’t in HR to be the “fun police” and stop our companies from achieving the very best. If you’re only thinking about getting in this field to yell at someone, tell them what’s wrong with them, doesn’t believe in encouraging and helping self promotion within a person, please do NOT get into Human Resources. Recruitment is probably the best field to enter the HR world and get much experience in multiple areas.

All of the HR pros that took the time to answer my questions are helpful, knowledgeable, and more qualified than I am to tell you more about exactly what Recruitment is in the HR world. Reach out to them, read the blogs they are writing, the tweets that they send out, the conversations they have.

Thanks for coming to find out how you can recruit like a pro.

What job should I research next? Comment below or hit me up on any of my social media accounts!

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Recruiting Like A Pro – HR Jobs

Hey HRPros, HRNewbies, and HRInterns! Todays’ blog starts another awesome series from the HRJazzy Blog – HR Jobs! I want to find out more about all areas of HR and I think it’s also important Newbies are able to see what jobs are available in the field. So, the first job I decided to research was *inserts drum roll* Recruitment … well, I guess the post title gave it away. Anyway, I reached out to a few of my great HR Pro to get their advice on recruitment, what it means, and what a normal day is like in the life of a recruiter.

Image result for recruiter gif


Make sure you also connect with them on LinkedIn as well and send a note to let them know how you found their information!

Image result for recruiters meme

I received so much great feedback this will be a 2part post on recruitment, as I still have a few Pros sending me information. I asked the pros 4 major questions and they sent me their advice for recruiting.

  1. What does recruitment mean to you?
    1. Cici – It is what I do, breathe, and learn about every day.  It allows me to take my companies openings and match them up with candidates who can make a true impact for my companies.
    2. Keith – It’s all about matching the right person with the right job. The skill set is important, but a person’s character, work ethic, social skills, integrity, etc. are critical to determining if the person is a match for the company.
    3. Wendy – Helping the hiring manager find the right person the first time in a role. Recruitment includes a clear, concise job description, the right market-based salary, a clear job posting.
    4. Mofota – Recruitment is to me a business enabling function where we are tasked with finding the most important part of any organization, human capital.
    5. Gemma – Recruitment is a process of finding the right people to fill the role within an organization. Recruitment should not end upon hire. It must be a full cycle in which we are engaging those we hired for retention, promotion, through succession development.

All of this information is important because as a recruiter, you need to have a passion and not just to find a job. Listening to your candidates to find out exactly what type of environment they would fit in and be happy. The type(s) of jobs they are looking for in industries. Having great interview skills to get all of this information out. Almost all of them stated that Recruitment is a great “break in” area of HR because you experience so many different parts. Gemma says, ” Recruitment is a good place to start in HR to learn the process of talent acquisition, learn about interviewing techniques, write job descriptions, etc”.

Kelly made another great point in her responses that I believe HRNewbies need to understand. “Recruiting is not something that happens just when someone leaves a job and anytime you have a key role, you are going to want to develop sources for potential hires that fit the need of the organization.” You’re always on the move with recruitment and as HRNewbies or someone changing your career path, I think understanding networking is going to be key to finding the best talent. Kelly also adds to follow Roy Maurer on twitter to stay updated on everything recruiting and HR.

I’ve always said on my blog that breaking into HR is difficult, I stick by that, but I’m also learning that a lot of the Pros kind of “fell into” HR. Wendy was recommended for a role in HR after working for an airline customer service job (aren’t you happy you got out of that!). Mofota was actually recruited by a recruiter friend after a sabbatical, obviously, recruiters know best. Gemma had experience in phone and face to face customer service, and a company was looking for a PT receptionist/recruiting coordinator. Cici was in Korea and used networking to find 50 HR Pros to talk with, a 5-minute advice chat from them, led to a connection with the president of a recruiting and talent management firm. Keith did attend college for HR and the first job he landed was a recruiter of a staffing agency right out of college!

Image result for recruiters meme

It doesn’t matter how you start, always remember that. These pros are some of the best in the business and I know anytime I have a question, I can reach out to them for help. That’s more than just being a recruiter. When you’re just coming into the world of HR, you need to create an HRTribe you can lean on and learn all types of information from. This series is to help not only the up comers of HR but also me. Learning about the roles and responsibilities HR hold will make us better at our job. I also believe it will help us understand each other better and how we function in our roles.

I hope you’ve learned some great information from this first post, be sure to stick around. Another recruitment post is coming with even more HR Pros opinions.

Until Next Time …